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Infant W Sitting Treatment

What's wrong with w sitting in toddlers: Many children sit in “W shape”, and most of the parents have heard the expression and they are also aware that this is not good for the child, but most of them are not sure what that exactly means.

A child who is sitting on their buttocks, while both their knees are bent, while their legs are twisted away from their body. If you closely look at the kid from the top of their head, you will notice that their legs are in the form of the alphabet “W.” You will also notice that both their knees and thighs are not touching together and are spread wide apart.

Kids sitting in the w position: Baby w sitting have the following risks, which if not treated promptly can cause serious problems. When children are sitting in this position, you are more likely to assume that they are sitting like as it very comfortable for them in sitting like this, however, you might be missing to understand that, sitting like this for longer periods has the following effect on your children.

  1. This can cause hip dislocation.
  2. This might be an indication that your kids legs have become small and tight and can adversely affect both their motor skills as well as coordination.
  3. This can also make it hard for the kid to transfer their weight from one part of the body to the other.

Infant w sitting treatment: The best way to treat this disorder is first correct the child whenever he/she is found sitting in this position. However, if this is not resolved after correction, another way to treat this ailment is by giving the child physical therapy, in which we are experts.

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