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Infant Torticollis Chiropractic Treatment

Infant Torticollis also called “loxia” or “wry neck” is a condition wherein the baby’s neck is tilted to a certain side with the chin facing up. According to specialists, this is a fairly common problem with infants, irrespective of the gender.

Well we have the right solution for this disorder and why worry when we are here? Our chiropractic treatment is well known and we can assure you that just the right kind of infant torticollis chiropractic treatment can do wonders. Our expert registered massage therapist has the knack of doing therapeutic massage utilizing a blend of spinal adjustments and soft tissue treatments along with cranial alignment that can bring about quick changes in congenital torticollis. Typically pediatric massage is the art and specialization of handling the soft tissues and helps improve a variety of disorders in infants, babies and adolescents. Our experts treat each and every baby as per its physical condition, cognitive growth and their individual health care requirements.

We are of the firm belief that massages therapy aids in influencing the soft tissues that are significant for improving infant, baby and adolescent health. Infant torticollis physical therapy is considered essential to the continual maintenance of the baby’s nervous system and spine. We also provide infant torticollis physical therapy exercises, and infant torticollis stretches to ensure that the baby’s body maintains its posture.

We have pediatric massage therapy clinics in Maple, Richmond Hill, Woolbridge, Toronto and North York, so you can be rest assured that no matter where you are residing in Canada, you will find that we are located within your reach, if your baby has an infant torticollis prognosis. Remember that we have ample experience and the requisite skills so no wonder many kids have passed through the hands of our expert massage therapist.

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