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Infant Tip Toe Walking Treatment

Most infants walk on their toes, when they initially start walking and continue to do so, till they are around the age of two years. However, if your child is walking on toes even after crossing two years, it might be because your baby got used to walking in that manner. However, sometimes it might be a more serious problem than observed and needs your immediate attention. It is important to consult us for Infant tip toe walking treatment, in case you find any of these symptoms that are listed below:

  1. Your baby is continuously walking on toes for longer period of time.
  2. If you feel that your baby is unable to carry his/her weight while walking on his/her foot.
  3. Is walking without any coordination.
  4. If your baby is not developing any motor skills and if you feel that your child is losing some of them. (Example: unable to button the shirt etc.)

Tip Toe walking causes: If you have observed your child walking on toes most of the time, it is because he/she is having some physical disorder like short Achilles-tendon, which in some cases stops the child from standing or walking on flat-foot and restricts the movement in the ankle. But constant toe walking is also an indication of a motor disorder – also known as cerebral palsy.

Infant tip toe walking treatment: The best way to treat this kind of ailments is by giving the child physical therapy or stretching, which we do offer. While in most of the cases this is the best way to treat this issue.

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