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Infant Colic Treatment

It is very important to treat infant colic. Healthy Babies who are observed crying continuously for three hours in a day and if this happens for almost three days in a week and if the baby falls under the age group of two weeks to four months, he is very likely experiencing infantile colic.

One of the best ways to treat colic babies, is giving them a baby massage. Baby massage is mild, cadenced patting of the body of your baby.

Reasons for the infantile colic is unknown, however, providing massage to babies has multi-fold benefits. One of the research which was conducted, helped in discovering the fact that massage in the initial days could help infants to fight jaundice and recover fast. Massage can also decrease many of the illnesses your child has, reducing your visits to the doctor greatly. There is also a notion that an infant’s brain development stimulates through skin-to-skin contact and by touch.

Massage can be predominantly helpful for premature babies, in assisting them to develop and grow. Massages are also very helpful for both full-term babies and little children too.

Some of the benefits that are associated with our massages are as follows:

  1. It helps them to stay calm and not get distressed.
  2. Your baby will cry less
  3. Helps your baby to sleep well.
  4. This is a great help in reducing Gas, Constipation as well as Infantile Colic etc.
  5. Greatly reduces Stress Hormones.
  6. Increases Immune Levels.

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